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High variety, Tailor-made, Balance on power and speed

V belts are designed in triangle or trapezoid shape to enhance it’s frictional force between the contact surfaces.
To fulfill different requirement of various industries, we have developed Classic V belt / Triangle belt, Narrow V belt, Multiple V belt, Raw Edge V belt, Variable Speed V belt and Ribbed V belt.


V belt is suitable for power transmission in all industries like machinery, food processing,pharmaceutical, logistic, transportation, mining, oil and gas, paper, wood, packaging,etc.

They are widely used in machine tools, gas turbine, textile machines, electric motor and power transmission equipment.


Classic V belt:
High tension, high consistence, low elongation

Narrow V belt:
0.5 to 1 time more transmission power than Classic V belt with efficiency reaches up to 97%.

Multiple V belt:
Reduce vibration and pulsating, especially for the drive in horizontal parallel shafts.

Raw Edge V belt:
For high power and efficiency transmission like engine, pump and compressors.

Variable speed belt:
Balance on rigidity and flexibility for all industrial applications require variable speed drives.

V Belt (SPA Series)

Endless V-Belt (SPZ Series)



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