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Round belt, Teflon belt, ribbed belt, variable speed belt and other belts with roller coverings specific industries.


Special processing belts are used in all industrial including wire and cables processing machinery; plastic, paper, wood material processing or conveying; food,beverage packaging machines, etc.

They are also widely used in machine tools, gas turbine, textile machines, electric motor and power transmission equipment.

PU Round Belt:
It can be made either smooth or rough surface with the diameter from 2mm-20mm. Our round belt in rough finishing is in green with soft surface grain while smooth-finishing round belt is in orange with glossy surface.


-High tensile and tear strength
-Good impact resistance, oil proof, water proof, chemical
-Wide temperature tolerance range, long lasting life and low elongation

Teflon Belt:
It has extra wide operation temperature range reaches to -50 °C – 360 °C.


-Non adhesive: Easy to clean from oil,stains,pastes,resins,paints or other impurities
-Good chemical resistance: Resist to acid, alkaline, organic solvents and drugs
-High insulation, UV resistance and anti-static
-Fire resistant



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