Special belt processing technology to suit all industries

High variety, Tailor-made, low noise and vibration

Developed more than 30 types standard rubber timing belts and designed over 2000 types customized made belts made of Nylon, PE, Cotton, TPU, Neoprene, etc. to meet various industrial requirements.


It is suitable for high power, precision motion and control, especially running in high speed. They are manufactured under tight tolerance range, which ensures consistent length and thickness.

Wide application in industries like machinery, food processing,pharmaceutical, logistic, transportation, mining, oil and gas, paper, wood, packaging,etc. There is a wide range of application from high accuracy positioning equipment to heavy engineering machinery including automotive, agriculture equipment, laundry machines, textile machines and automation equipment, etc.

Material features:


High resistance to wear, tear, grime, damage, moisture, oils and greases.

Extra strength and tensile is guaranteed by the internal steel wire core structure to ensure the performance under high loading transmission operation.

No regular maintenance required. Excellent elasticity and suitable for high linear speed applications up to 80m/s.

Good resistance to acidic and alkaline, UV or UVA condition.

Seamless PU Timing Belt:

Guarantee with smallest tolerances and the high accuracy of thickness and length

PU Timing Belt For Textile Machine

PU Timing Belt with Silicon Coating



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