Suitable for power transmission for all industries

Cheap, Reliable, High transmission efficiency

Composited with different traction layer materials of rubber, Leather, Fabric polyamide, Polyester, TPU for open drive, tangential drive, multiple pulley drive, live-roller drive and double-sided power transmission.


The power transmission belt, as well as the light to medium duty conveyors, is suitable for power transmission in all industries. They are widely used in twisting machines, textile machines, automatic folder-gluing machines, printing machines, drilling machines, wood cutting machines, ventilators, crushes, etc.

Material features:

Polyamide (Nylon):

High flexibility, high strength, low elongation, oil resistance, wear resistance and energy efficiency. Excellent for light-duty machines.


High transmission efficiency and low spindle speed difference. The optimal solution for small drive applications.


High reliability, long service life, excellent coefficient of friction. Suitable for small pulley diameter and high speed machines.


Automatic Printing Machine Tape

Machine Drive Belt



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