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Professional in material science and process engineering to create innovative products that provide performance, reliability and the strength to withstand even the most challenging environments.

Power Transmission Belt

Composited with different traction layer materials of rubber, Leather, Fabric polyamide, Polyester, TPU for
open drive, tangential drive, multiple pulley drive, live-roller drive and double-sided power transmission.

Conveyor Belt

To meet different on-site requirements like lifting, inclined, positioning conveyors with our special processing belts.
Materials including cotton, PVC, PU, PVK.

Rubber Timing Belt

More than 30 series, 2000 types of rubber timing belt with different structure of neoprene body, fiberglass tensile cord and nylon tooth facing.
Advanced protection against grease, oil, moisture. High strength, durable and high resistance to elongation

PU Timing Belt

Made of thermoplastic polyurethane material. Extra high wear resistance to deal with high loading transmission need.

V Belt

High tension, high wear resistance,high consistency and low elongation for wide application on electric motor, texitle machines, gas turbine or other power transmission equipment.

Special Processing Belt

Round belt, Teflon belt, ribbed belt, variable speed belt and other belts with roller coverings for specific industries


Treadmill belts with maintenance-free features for commercial and institutional treadmill units like weight training, bowling, snowing boarding machines



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