Experienced in special belt processing:
We have developed 500+ customized conveyor belts made of PVC, PU, PE, Hytrel, Silicon,
2000+ customized timing belts made of Nylon, PE, Cotton, TPU, Neoprene,
1000+ round, triangle, pentagonal belts to meet various industrial requirements.
Processing including:
Jointing systems processing, overlap handling, fasteners addition, material coating, edge handling,perforations, grooving, rough surface / pattern processing.

Flat Transmission Belt

Standard processing:
Jointing system with finger splice, grinding / overlap splice, etc

Special processing:
-Belt perforations
-Thick rubber coated
-High density foam or sponge covered
-Profiles guiding

Conveyor Belt

Jointing systems:
Finger joints, overlapping, metal or plastic fasteners

Special processing:
Curved belt, perforations belt, sealed belt, knife edge belt,
profiles and sidewalls belt, rubber coated belt, anti-static belt,
felt belt, low-noise belt, wear-resistant belt,
silicon belt, flame-retardant belt,
environmental friendly belt, cutting-resistant belt

Timing Belt

Standard processing:
-Spliced timing belt
-Truly seamless belt

Special processing:
-Belt perforations,grooving
-Thick rubber coated
-High density foam or sponge covered
-Profiles or cleats guiding

PTFE / Telfron Belt

Jointing systems:
Ox joint, overlapping joint, fastener joint and seamless

Special processing:
Sealed edge processing
Profile guiding
Buckles addition

Rough surface processing

To increase the friction on surface. Especially for textile weaving and finishing machines

Equipment for special processing

Teeth Punching Machine

Hot Press Machine

Cutting Machine

Guide Strip Machine

Splitting Machine

Steel Buckle Machine



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